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meandering thoughts
Many things in this world are happening outside of everyone's control. How to deal with this?
How to find one's way in the world, to get a certain grip on life, to understand, to do the right thing?
Inside me, under a calm face, it is brewing as in a feverish dream. There are more questions than answers,
chaos and confusion (who are we in this complicated world?),
there are meandering thoughts, uncertainty, doubts and worries, but also forgetfulness, dreams and longing….

The installation 'meandering thoughts' can be seen as a poetic reflection on this feverish universe
from a need for inner strength and silence in a troubled world.

meandering thoughts | Karola Pezarro
Polyester yarn, in whites, grays and blacks, cotton thread, beads, felt.
H=255cm, w=300cm d=2cm.

The photos of the work are made on a wall in my studio.
The installation consists mainly of thread, embroidered 'by hand' with a sewing machine.
The parts of the installation hang a few centimeters from the wall,
so that shadows, spaciousness and a vulnerable lightness are created.