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inner script on studiowall
... Concentric circles are like thoughts that fan out, circles on the water after throwing a stone… Eyes look around, they behold the world, closed eyes look in… Lines form connections, hairs show intertwining and entanglement… Holes refer to that which is forgotten or not visible… A bird reminds me of idiosyncrasy or being beautifully different… A veil can protect, but also hide… Being in the now… My mind wanders… Past and future merge with the present… Meandering thoughts… A resource… Daydreaming, associating, searching, creating… My process of working… A way of living in a feverish world ...

INNER SCRIPT | Karola Pezarro
Polyester yarn, in whites, grays and blacks.
H=285cm, w=300cm d=2cm.

The photo of the work is made on a wall in my studio.
The installation consists only of thread, embroidered 'by hand' with a sewing machine.
The parts of the installation hang a few centimeters from the wall,
so that shadows, spaciousness and a vulnerable lightness are created.